What are the different types of servers in a computer?

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What are the different types of servers in a computer?

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The notion of server is somewhat confusing, and some explanation will be in order here.

Many people think that server is a computer, but it’s more about software installed on it.

Server is software, working in client-server architecture.

Of course there are computers that are technically prepared to work 24/7 running server software, and IT guys often call them servers.

But on one physical computer there can be many servers, serving many purposes.

Client-server works in such a manner, that client connects to a server and requests some service from it. It can be a website, or a file, or database query result, or streaming media or anything else, sky is the limit.

Most common servers are HTTP server (WWW), FTP server (file transfer), SQL server (database), and many more.

There are also custom systems that work in client-server architecture. It is used very commonly in multiuser environment.

So. in a nutshell, a server is a software that waits for connections, and serves its clients with the content it was created for.
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