How do I connect a 1TB hard disk with an Android smart phone?

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How do I connect a 1TB hard disk with an Android smart phone?

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Connecting your hard drive to the phone will put enormous pressure on your phone's hardware. You don't want to burn your phone as well as your pocket right?

Here's what I do alternatively:

Turn on wifi hotspot on your phone.
Connect your laptop to that hotspot. Since you have external hard drive I am assuming you have laptop as well.
Connect hard drive to laptop. Navigate to the folder you want to use on your phone.
Right click on that folder, go to the sharing settings and share it with "Everyone". Save settings.
Now on your phone open ES file explorer, if you don't have this app plz install coz it's very useful.
Within that app go to LAN, press scan, your laptop will appear.
Login with credentials of your laptop and voilà! You are done. You can see the folders you have shared on your laptop with " Everyone ".
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