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How do hard disk and floppy disk differ?

Posted: Thu Nov 25, 2021 7:24 am
by shravan
First and most important, Hard-disks are faster, much faster. Floppies are very slow in comparison to Hard-disks.
Second, hard disks are huge in capacity. Floppy disks have very low capacity.
Life span of hard disks are very long in comparison to floppies.
Third, you will not find floppies anywhere nowadays. They are obsolete. Hard disks are in used and survived the times bravely and gracefully. Still holding the front.
Storage disk in Hard Disks are made of metal. Floppy disks are made of plastic.
Hard disks are sealed units. They can survive dust and moisture. Floppies can not.
All the parts of a hard disk are enclosed in a single unit. Just plug and play. Floppies need a drive to run them. You can call it floppy disk drive or reader too.
A hard disk can have multiple platters inside it. Floppies can have one only.
Their physical appearance is quite different. In the picture below, on the left is an HDD and on the right is a floppy.
I have used a lot of hard disks in this decade, but haven’t seen even a single floppy.
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