How can I replace an IC in the motherboard?

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How can I replace an IC in the motherboard?

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For all practicable purpose. The fact you are asking this question indicates that you cannot. Modern day motherboards are not designed to be easily repaired. Almost none of the chips and other devices on them are socketed and replacing components which have been soldered to the motherboard requires a good amount of skill. This is especially true in regard to surface mount technology, which virtually every component in a modern computer uses. Instead of being repairable, these devices have been designed to be replaced as entire units.

However, if you want to learn, read on….

Socketed Chips

An integrated circuit may be attached to a circuit board using a socket. CPU’s, generally, have their own sockets, but I am assuming you are not talking about replacing them. (If you are, nearly every motherboard manual includes instructions on how to insert or remove a CPU from its socket.) Sometimes. Other chips on a motherboard are placed into sockets as well. In the early days of microcomputers, it was commonplace to see many of the chips on a motherboard socketed. Today, however, it is very rare.

However rare, socketed chips are usually in one of two basic form factors: Dual Inline Package (DIP) and Plastic Laded Chip Carrier (PLCC). The former is sometimes used on motherboards for operational amplifiers (Op-Amps) while the latter is sometimes used for BIOS Flash Rom chips. Many motherboards, however, do not have any of their chips socketed, other than the CPU.
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