What are the best free/open/public DNS servers?

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What are the best free/open/public DNS servers?

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I finally get ti use my PhD in Networking!

I use Cloudflare and recommend it to everyone
In your DNS settings, remove the existing settings and enter these:
CloudFlare is the fastest DNS service and yes its free
I have tested the speed of all well known DNS servers for the past several years and CloudFlare is consistently the fastest
Quad9 is next fastest DNS, so I suggest that you also add them in the extremely unlikely case that CloudFlare is inaccessible (it has never happened but its always good to have DNS bu two different providers in cassette Internet has a weird day)
In your DNS settings add Quad9 ( below the CloudFlare settings so it should look like this:
Do not use Google DNS, they record everywhere you go and violate your privacy
Google Faces $5 Billion Lawsuit For Collecting User Information via Chrome's Incognito Mode
If you have a mobile device then you can use the CloudFlare app which will encrypt your DNS queries for enhanced privacy (it even has a free VPN if you push the WARP button in the app), the name of the app is which is also the DNS address for CloudFlare

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