Which motherboard should I choose, the MSI or GIGABYTE brand?

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Which motherboard should I choose, the MSI or GIGABYTE brand?

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It’s not so much a matter of the brands as the specific models.

Both MSI and Gigabyte make some very good motherboards, and some bad ones. Overall MSI tends to have a bigger range than Gigabyte (their lows are lower, but their highs are higher).

As an example, most of MSI’s X570 motherboards (apart from the X570 Tomahawk and Unify) are absolutely terrible - the low-end models are effectively overpriced B550 motherboards with VRMs from B450s, and the high-end models are insanely overpriced - however the Tomahawk could easily be argued as the single best X570 motherboard, due to its exceptional VRM and feature set at a relatively reasonable price.

Gigabyte tends to be better for entry level motherboards - their S2H and DS3H series are basic, but are cheaper than their competitors while still providing all of the features that most people need. UD motherboards provide high-end chipsets with tons of PCIe lanes at lower prices than the competition. Gigabyte’s midrange ATX Aorus Elite and Pro motherboards are excellent, though their lower-midrange motherboards like the micro-ATX Aorus boards and the “Gaming X” series are often quite weak. Gigabyte tends to provide lots of connectivity (especially USB ports), and features such as BIOS flashback, even on its cheaper boards, but uses slightly cheaper components.

MSI tends to ignore certain specialist features such as thunderbolt or RGB headers, and focuses on component quality and good overclocking. Their ATX -A Pro and mATX Pro VDH motherboards have few frills but are excellent budget gaming/overclocking boards, and their MAG Tomahawk and Mortar are a decent step up for running higher-end CPUs like Ryzen 9s and i9s without having to overspend on the motherboard.

If you were to ask me what the best motherboard choice would be for most people at the moment, I’d say that it’s the ASRock B560M Steel Legend - it isn’t the highest-end board, but it would be more than good enough for a 10th or 11th generation Intel i5, which are the best-value CPUs at the moment. MSI and Gigabyte have some better midrange and high-end options, but MSI’s low-end B560 options are more expensive and Gigabyte’s don’t have heatsinks.

If you were buying a high-end system I’d say you should get a Ryzen 7 5800X in an MSI B550-A Pro; or a Gaming Edge WiFi, Mortar WiFi, or Aorus Elite/Pro AX V2 if you want WiFi; or specifically the Aorus Pro if you want to use a thunderbolt add-in-card. For something really high-end I’d say get a Ryzen 9 in an X570 Tomahawk, X570 Aorus Pro, or B550 Aorus Master; or an X570 Unify if you want to go completely overkill but still within the realms of sanity.

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