What is a hard disk? What are the functions of a hard disk?

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What is a hard disk? What are the functions of a hard disk?

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All computers require space for software programs, operating system, and other important files. A hard disk, also known to be the hard drive is the most important data storage hardware device in all computers. This non-volatile memory device stores and retrieves data on a computer permanently. As Microsoft Windows assign the ‘C’ letter to the primary partition, users refer to the hard drive as “C Drive”.

Have you ever seen gramophone records? If yes, it will be easy for you to understand the concept of a hard disk. Just like the gramophone disks, hard disks are integrated with stacked disks or concentric circles. The data on these stacked disks are recorded electromagnetically. Hard disks contain two heads similar to a gramophone arm, that helps to write or read data as the hard disk spins.

Today flash memory is one of the best counterparts of hard disks. They are becoming popular for their nonvolatile and low-cost characteristics. However, for enterprises and personal users, hard disks still are their first choice.

Types of Hard Disks

· Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (PATA)- These are the very first types of hard disks. Such hard disks use parallel ATA interface to connect to the PCs. These hard disks use 40 or 80 wire ribbon cable for transferring multiple bits of data simultaneously.

· Serial ATA (SATA)- These are the second-generation hard drives that replaced PATA. Although they connect with the computer in a similar way, their physical interface is different. The thinner cables of SATA drive transfers data faster than PATA. Another advantage of using SATA is its less power consumption.

· Small Computer System Interface (SCSI)-SCSI drives can be connected with your hard drive both internally and externally. The device that you are connecting with SCSI has to be terminated at the end. These hard drives are known for their better scalability, speed, and flexibility. If you are running an enterprise, use SCSI drives. These drives can perform for 24/7 without any interruption.

· Solid State Drives (SSD)- This is the latest hard drive variant in the industry. Unlike other types, SSD drives do not have moving parts. For the storage of data, SSD has replaced magnetism with flash memory technology. In this advanced memory drive, integrated circuits are used to store data. SSD is popular because of its fast data access, durability, less power consumption and of course lower access time.

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