What is the main difference between cloud storage and usual server storage?

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What is the main difference between cloud storage and usual server storage?

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No, they aren’t the same things.

Let me give you an example. Cloud storage is like dry cleaner’s and server storage is like a washing machine. Dry cleaners is a service, while the washing machine is just a mean. You can wash as big amount of cloth (store information, data) as you want at dry cleaner’s, while in the washing machine you can wash only the certain amount (as much as it fits in it - as much server space you’ve bought).

If your washing machine (server) is broken you have to find someone to fix it, and if you give your cloth to dry cleaners - they have to deliver you clean cloth (and if they have some issues they will be fixing them, not you).

If you need extra space in a cloud, you just let your cloud provider know. If you bought server storage, you are left with what you bought, and buying extra can be quite costly.

So the major difference between these two terms is that cloud storage is a service, and it provides you solutions. Server storage is just a physical space you buy on a server.

Concerning the protocols Liang Cheng has mentioned (SCSI, USB, FireWire, SATA) - you can use them only if you have a local storage. If you are in a different room, or if you are in a different building, you can’t access your data with the aforementioned protocols.

But you can access your data via HTTP, HTTPS, FTPS, SFTP via the cloud.

Concerning the speeds, cloud platforms have hugely evolved lately, you can use load-balanced cloud computing to get better speeds. You can allocate workload among multiple computers, networks or servers and react right away if the workload in one region got too high.

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