Is Windows Loader v2.2.2 by Daz legal to have?

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Is Windows Loader v2.2.2 by Daz legal to have?

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If we read Microsoft EULAs, it’s not legal to use it.

But if we follow Microsoft de facto policy, it’s actually encouraged. For a very simple reason : Microsoft sells software on its Windows 10 Microsoft Store, and want the maximum amount of people to access it and spend money on it.

So, Microsoft doesn’t prevent any computer under Windows 7 activated with the DAZ loader, but also Windows 8 or 8.1 activated with CODYX4 toolkit for example, to migrate toward Windows 10 and have a DRM license activated, both for home and pro-version, despite both tools leaving ad-hoc code that Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant can detect, hence block the Windows 10 update if it wishes so, or block the licensing of the Windows 10 update if it wishes so.

It doesn’t.

Microsoft obviously cannot say to the users who bought Windows 10 that it was like paying for something de facto free. That’s why Microsoft required an activated source system as an update base, and keeps selling both boxes (between 50 and 150 euros depending on retailers) and keys (a few dozens of Euros, but also on the gray market (eBay) for a few euros a piece) for Windows 10. (no one will ever spit on easy cash). But Microsoft aim is to increase Windows 10 usage share among Operating System, and get customers for its store. For that, Microsoft will not bother to search “how your base Windows was activated”.

Microsoft doesn’t care, as long as Windows remains THE standard and its W10 store, benefiting from that, becomes another (lucrative) standard.

The same can be said for Microsoft Office. Keys and Office 365 accounts are available on the gray market. Not because it makes a lot of money, but because people tempted with piracy will buy these keys (hence bring a few dollars per key to Microsoft), and contribute to keep Microsoft Office as the standard for office suites with the largest user-base (including the companies and professional users who pay the full price), hence diminish the viability of the competition (so the companies and the pro users stay with Microsoft, and do not get tempted by another “standard”). Right now, when speaking about a software, “Office” still means “Microsoft Office”, even if more and more people answer “I have Open Office/LibreOffice, but it’s similar, right ?”

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